was blown away and inspired by Christian Hosoi last night

christian hosoi at kpcc

superstar skateboarder Christian Hosoi, who used to kick Tony Hawks tail regularly,

was so heavily involved in drugs from an early age that one day it caught up to him,

and he got popped at the airport with hella drugs and was given 10 YEARS IN JAIL.

almost as soon as he got into jail – and this is a guy who as a teen had it all:

money, fame, access to anything, girls, and bragging rights of being the best skater on the globe

became a born again Christian.

he said almost as soon as he opened the bible that he got it.

(it reminded me of the story of when Buddha lifted the lotus flower and everyone in attendance were enlightened)

he even said last night that he quit drugs that day first day in the joint

and never experienced any negative physical reaction to suddenly not being on coke,

weed, ecstasy, acid, booze, crack, or crystal meth

all drugs that were coursing through his magical veins.

i was lucky enough to talk with him for about 5 minutes before he spoke to the KPCC audience.

our little talk was intense and mostly about Romans 8.

but an hour later he was preaching to the full house and it was seriously powerful.

i lived tweeted it. it awaits you after the jump: