1. Friday, July 20, 2012

    went drinking after work with coworkers and was asked 

    “so did you have a nice week”?

    mama mia how does anyone even look back that far?

    it was a rocky road but it lead to friday which is here.

    hi, here.

    i got to interview my favorite movie theater manager about the Batman movie

    and whether he will still wear his Batman costume despite other theaters telling patrons

    that they cant wear a costume to the movies cuz of that asswipe in colorado.

    (he will)

    i got to drive deep into the valley and experience a warm Chatsworth night.

    and i got to play this very odd game with a young lady on facebook

    who seems to have a hard time just saying sure lets have some drinks

    Tuesday, at the bar of your choice (the 4100).

    instead she makes me wait days and weeks for a reply on her Facebook mail.

    i think people may think that i dont have the patience.

    oh i have the patience. Cub fans acquire the patience eventually.

    not only are some things worth the wait.

    sometimes the waiting is the best part.