you see two things in Pasadena

raymond ave pasadena float

1. super dooper really sweet people with seemingly nothing to do
2. Rose Bowl floats driving down the road

you forget that those floats arent made overnight.

you just think that Santa Claus comes and goes, a few nice moms volunteer somewhere

and poof out comes all these kickass totally complicated floats that look perfect on tv.

but no, people work on these puppies all year long

and they have to move them across town.

the cops dont care.

they just stop traffic and say take it easy theres float xing going on here.

and people say oh yeah look at that, a float.

thats what i said this morning. for like 10 minutes as i was able to be late for work.

got stuck behind a float, boss, i said

which is something you dont get to say very often, so i was happy.