the greatest editing job ive ever seen on youtube

300 movies singing Baby Got Back

its weird but i remember when this song was “dropped”, it was funny, but no one thought it would still be relevant 200 years later.

but it will be.

aliens will come and find our record collections and think about blowing us into space dust until they find this Sir Mixalot classic

and then they will consider us gods.

lets just hope they also see this video.

h/t LAist

Swing, man.

frank sinatra

a long time ago Frank Sinatra walked the Earth.

he also read he newspaper.

one day the Chairman of the Board read an LA Times piece on a young kid named George Michael who was going through some emotional issues and he wanted to quit being a pop star.

So Frank wrote the Calendar section of the Times where the article was published and this is the letter he sent them.

Great advice to us all.

drank heavily on friday

so much so i was recovering all of saturday pretty much.

sometime around 5pm saturday i realized that it was still

100 degrees in hollywood and i would like some ice cream

but for some reason my home had no ice cream.

i looked in the freezer and said whos freezer are you

for if you were truly tony pierce’s youd have a variety of frozen treats

up in hurr.

the wide selection of pops in the fridge agreed.

a portion of sunday was dedicated to rectifying that situation

and the ones in the cupboards

and vaults.

it’s always nice when zulieka blogs too

youd think a second child would slow her down, but not to jinx it,

but zulieka has been blogging more nowadays than in previous years

today she tells us about her grandmother.

My grandmother is an ugly woman, and at 86, age has actually improved her appearance by giving the down-turned, over-full lips and small, lightless eyes an excuse. She doesn’t have any wrinkles, which is kind of amazing, but she does just sort of droop. She is a bossy, stubborn, and fiercely independent old toad. She makes fun of her own frugality, telling me that she has not bought new clothes since the 1970’s (not true, as she is actually quite fashion-forward) and joking that she spends not a penny on food by eating trash.

delightful surprise awaits