elvis was just 42

la times

the other day i was asked what non-musicians i felt died too soon

which was a tough cuz the list of musicians was endless

even so, im not sure i would have put elvis on the list

because to be honest he always seemed at least 10 years older.

everyone should go to graceland, though.

if i was a housing developer id build a suburb subdivision of graceland mcmansions

the house itself isnt that big.

and if youre going to be spending a half million to a million bucks on a crib

why not make it awesome

and identical to The King’s?

anyways, im sad we dont have him around.

he loved his mama, he wore Brut, and he loved television

as big tanky would say, i back that.

today is charles bukowski’s birthday, he woulda been 92

he’s also my hero, duh.

he’s america’s greatest poet of the 20th century, maybe ever.

this one is one he wrote in a poetry book called “The Last Night of the Earth Poems”

it’s called “Question and Answer”

he sat naked and drunk in a room of summer
night, running the blade of the knife
under his fingernails, smiling, thinking
of all the letters he had received
telling him that
the way he lived and wrote about
it had kept them going when
all seemed

putting the blade on the table, he
flicked it with a finger
and it whirled
in a flashing circle
under the light.

who the hell is going to save
me? he

as the knife stopped spinning
the answer came:
you’re going to have to
save yourself.

still smiling,
a: he lit a
b: he poured
c: gave the blade