Kidney stones


I’m in the waiting room of the ER

I think I have kidney stones.

Of course at home it was more grueling

But the lady still hasnt even checked me in due to some need to torture me further.


The lady took a good 20 mins just getting my basic info. She’s not great at English. Weirdly my symptoms died down during that episode.

A very old lady was wheeled in behind me.

Why am I writing? Because I wanna scream.

The old lady was born in Oct of 1921.

The check in lady asked me the weirdest questions

How did you get here?
Are you married?
What religion are you?
Do you speak other languages?
Are you Hispanic?
And then she told me, “You don’t look black.”

She didn’t ask why I was there.


The old lady was rolled away to get an EKG.

They said my something was high.


peed in the cup like a champ

waiting waiting waiting.

all I can think is I drank a lot more ginger ales

and cokes than I shoulda

bukowski drank all those beers: nothin

pierce drinks pops and he gets laid up

kids today.

3:35am. My nurse was very very nice
She took my blood.
I’m getting fluids (saline?) it tastes metallic
My mom texted me. as did Chris.
I feel bad I woke people up.
The pain is going down.
I wonder what’s in the pain reliever.
It’s 3:35am I’m not sleepy
People are passed out everywhere.
I was so short of breath getting here.
I had to pee like crazy but it was a fakeout.
I promise when I get old I won’t blog my ailments.

4:11am they sent me thru the catscan
The doc will be in soon to tell me if I have kittens

6:03am doc confirmed it was a stone.
Says it is still in there.
Can’t believe I wasn’t crying like a baby
Is gonna give me some pills so when it passes it doesn’t kill.
I was supposed to lecture at a college this morning
I’m sad I won’t be there to do it :(