tsar played east LA today

it was a top secret backyard bbq near Forever 21’s HQ. so secret i was told not to tell anyone.

because it was secret not a ton of people came. but enough thats for sure.

the boys played 13 songs. two of whom are new.

there was beer, sausages, opening acts, free parking

even ben showed up.

oh and they had a porta potty, no big deal.

coulter brought his dog.

solomon got his blue highlights done

dan grew a stache for the gig

they played a two hour encore of all of weezers albums. it lasted until the night time.

heres a video of and oldie cuz i

pussy riot is free… to now say in the LA Times

pussy riot on the front page of the paper

one of the reasons my mom was happy when i worked at the LA Times was that

the busblog’s language mellowed out significantly because my boss there asked me to tone it down here.

the rule at the time was dont put anything on this blog that i wouldnt put on the work blogs

which included swear words.

my mom, and the paper, cringe at curse words.

which is one reason the Times hadn’t named the band, Pussy Riot, currently imprisoned in russia for “hooliganism”.

the paper instead simply called them “the russian punk band” or “the russian band with the profane name”.

but today right on the front page, there was this dramatic photo and in the cutline, there was the band name.

so i went to the website to see if it was changed in the In The News mini headers on the homepage

pussy riot is ok not ok to say on the homepage

and nope, wasn’t changed. still says Russian Punk Band.

which doesn’t surprise me, since sometimes decisions for the print product arent always relayed to the web immediately.

but i clicked the link anyways and whattya know, the entertainment desk is using the band name… but not in the headline or sub heds

pussy riot is ok to say on pop & hiss

one of my favorite blogs at the Times is the Readers Rep.

i like it because the inner workings of the grand paper are often explained there.

now that the word is free, i really hope Deirdre writes about why the word was originally banned

and what happened that allowed the word to be printed.

im a weirdo, i’m fascinated by those decisions.

speaking of freedom. here is a slice from one of the members of Pussy Riot’s closing statements:

Despite the fact that we are physically here, we are freer than everyone sitting across from us on the side of the prosecution. We can say anything we want and we say everything we want. The prosecution can only say what they are permitted to by political censorship. They can’t say “punk prayer,” “Our Lady, Chase Putin Out,” they can’t utter a single line of our punk prayer that deals with the political system.

Perhaps they think that it would be good to put us in prison because we speak out against Putin and his regime. They don’t say so, because they aren’t allowed to. Their mouths are sewn shut. Unfortunately, they are only here as dummies. But I hope they realize this and ultimately pursue the path of freedom, truth, and sincerity, because this path is superior to the path of complete stagnation, false modesty, and hypocrisy.

amen, sister