geoff boucher moving on to greener pastures?

geoff boucher

one of my all time favorite people to work with at the LA Times was mr Geoff Boucher

creator and main cape-wearer of The Hero Complex blog

a production so successful that it turned into a big time film festival.

how many blogs you know have their own damn film festival

with A-list stars and A-list directors?

after reading many of his tweets today and some of his facebook posts it makes me wonder if some bigger paper, tv network, or studio

has lured away one of the Times’ greatest assets

and it all started with this mysterious tweet:

my top three guesses:
he’s going to the Wall Street Journal
he’s going to the New York Times
ABC is giving him a prime time tv show

theres a news story today about a guy in malibu who was strangling a pelican

art on sunset

most people probably think omg malibu is such a heavenly place
i cant believe that something would tick off a guy there
and make him turn into such an animal.

but you never know what will push someone over the line.

i dated a girl for a short period of time who hated my kitchen sink

it had this quirky thing that as soon as you turned on the hot water
it would make this terrible sound at first.
the only way to stop the sound was to turn it on high.
medium upset it for some reason

which upset her.

“you have such a great place, but this sink! no wonder you dont do your dishes.”

one night she was upset at me for something or another
and she stormed off to the kitchen to make some tea.

and she turned on the faucet and that sound croaked and she put on her jacket
and boots and sped home
leaving the sink running!

this morning i thought of her
because miraculously the sink fixed itself last week.
no really, fixed itself.

like a man whos had hiccups for 10 years
and suddenly theyre gone.