my summer jam: the grates “secret rituals”

when sass was sent to australia she asked what she could bring back for me.
which is very sweet.
so i said two aussie wives please.
one who made money like nicole kidman
and one who made music like patience of the grates
so sass brought me back the import only “Secret Rituals” cd.

something happens to me with music.
i’ll get something and 9 times outta 10 i’ll listen to it a few times the first week
and i’ll forget about it and at best maybe play one of the songs a couple of times that year
but that 10th time out of 10 i will dust it off and i will be addicted to it
and wonder, why didnt i hear all of that beauty the first week?

that happened to me with Nevermind, Pinkerton, and Time Out of Mind
yawned the first dozen spins. put it in the trunk. many moons later popped it in
and Whoa.

dont get me wrong. im not saying this is one of the classic records of all time
because this same phenomenon happened to me for Avril’s “Girlfriend” and LMFAO’s “Sorry for Party Rocking”
every day i would listen to those albums several times a day.
but this one i listen to the entire thing over and over and over

im losing my mind and “Secret Rituals” seems to be the only cure.

which is weird because this isnt even the Grates’ best record.
but i cant stop playing it. i love every video. i love every tone.
and for someone who gets bored with EVERYTHING within minutes i am so not bored with this

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