today is Jose’s birthday, he’s 19

jose and elaine

Jose Martinez is the man and the muscle behind our South LA blog, OnCentral.

Today’s birthday boy was the college journalist of the year last year under the tutelage of former Daily Nexus sports editor Tom Nelson over at LMU.

when i wanted someone to run our blog i called Tom and asked if he had a recommendation he was all

do i!

Jose had just been the Loyolan editor-in-cheif and won that fancy award

so i interviewed him and he was fantastic and has only gotten better.

lovely young man who it has been a joy to work with and theres no way that OnCentral would be as kick ass as it is now without Mr. Martinez.

despite his questionable musical tastes.

but the kids… whaddya gonna do?

Happy birthday Jose! Don’t change a thing!

Birthday Bonus: My Top 3 favorite Jose Martinez pieces:

Know Your Graffiti: Disses, threats and the Mexican Mafia

OnCentral on Foot: Miramonte Elementary scandal

Nitrous: Providing courage, highs and more horsepower

Super Bonus Extra! Great story and perfect photo by Jose — 12-year-old blues guitarist phenom plays ‘like he’s about 50 years old’

brand new bob dylan

bob dylan is the greatest.
people are all envious of naked prince harry
or suave ass george clooney
or the guy who gets to drive the zamboni
but why wouldnt you wanna be bob dylan
smart, talented, unique, intense,
cryptic, mysterious, perfect.
for some reason i have two copies of his book
and i have not read it.
i listen every day to dylan.
today was “serve somebody”
and later in the night was this new thing
“Duquesne Whistle”
even the video is good.