a year ago i was between jobs

even though i was the prettiest girl at the dance i was still scared

change’ll freak you out, especially if it comes unexpectedly

however if the only constant is change, shouldnt change always be expected?

her name was sass she lived in a shoe. she said when yr unemployed whattya do?

so we ate, took pics, then drank in a hipster meadow

it was sunday in the year 2011.

how much have we changed in a year? well sass moved to the least coast

and my apartment is all different, but have we really changed?

for the better?

have we learned skillz that will help us in 2013?

read any books? seen anything life changing?

done anything life changing?

took any risks?

stuck yr neck out?

shed some skin?

went for the win?

instead of just playing

not to lose?

or was the last 12 months just another snooze?