1. Saturday, August 4, 2012

    are we the greatest country in the world? 

    gabby and her coach ask a butterfly.

    sports are nice – when they’re shown live, or seen live, or participated in by me

    are the olympics the best example of sports?

    ask the underdogs.

    many of whom never make it on tv.

    tears are cool

    especially when theyre streaming down a cheek of a winner

    as their national anthem is played to a mostly full arena.

    but super especially when they fall

    in a gym in the middle of nowhere

    or a track on the outskirts

    or in a pool or a court or a field or a street

    when no ones looking

    because someone did something they couldnt do yesterday

    and now theyre one step closer to their dream.

    and still the butterfly flutters away saying

    cant do this