fun fact: there are no 24 hour pharmacies in Hollywood


doc said one stone passed and one is still in there

Asked if I eat lots of red meat: nope

Asked if I was stressed for any reason: hmmmm

Asked if I exercised? I told him I had just hiked Runyon mere hours before the stones made themselves known

He said, in the dark?

I said it was only dark about halfway through

He asked if I knew they had spotted a puma out there?

I said yeah, P-22

He was all so you knew there was a wild animal and you still went in there?

I said we can’t live our lives in constant fear.

and he shook my hand and said drink more water.

I’m now waiting at the Koreatown rite aid cuz its the only one that is open at 7am

Bummed I missed speaking to the kids this morning and bummed I’ll miss tonight’s press club meeting. Was looking forward to both of those.

my mom was awake when I texted her at 3am (5, her time). not sure I approve of her being up at that hour.