1. Saturday, August 25, 2012

    I like it 

    korean headband dude

    I like it when people talk to me in Spanish thinking I’m one of them

    I like it when busses just idle like crazy

    I like it when people have full on routines and techniques regarding coin laundry washing that involves pre mixed formulas and broom sticks

    I like korean men in headbands

    I like that Red Sox fans and Dodger fans feel like they got the best of the blockbuster trade.

    I like little kids who have so much energy and absolutely no good plans about what to do with it.

    I like when you can read a girls mind by just watching her eyes squint a certain way.

    I like when nothing makes sense for an entire year and no one notices.

    I like long lost accents.

    I like drinking all night and waking up without a hangover. It’s like a Christmas gift from a guy named Jack Daniel and its a bottle of Jim Beam.

    I like that I’m not going to Burning Man.

    I like getting a phone call from a friend who says he spent the night in the county jail because he got drunk, climbed a fence, and got stuck dangling from said fence and while in jail watched a drunk guy barf on another drunk guy after smelling a whiff of a third drunk guy who stepped in poo right before getting thrown in jail.

    I like pretty much everything Hollywood had to offer.

    I like that even my kidney stones really dont want any part of me.

    I like that I’m done with my laundry and it’s still light out on Saturday.

    I like when she bumps the hip hop