1. Tuesday, August 21, 2012

    i told my mom about things i did today that i wont even tell you, busblog 


    i teller pretty much everything.

    i figure she deserves to know the truth.

    at some point she said that my sister should call her every day

    to make sure shes alive.

    i told her that she should just get a twitter account

    and tweet every day.

    she loves her iphone but she is Waaaaaay against using Twitter.

    i said, ma dont you like it that i blog every day? that way you know im alive?

    and she said yep.

    so i said, twitters even easier all youve gotta do is say things like

    whaddup northern hemisphere!

    but for some reason that didnt convince her either.

    maybe she will see this exchange above between paris jackson

    and corey feldman

    and realize the importance of the medium in modern life.