Jackie asks: How do you handle people who diss you?

remember who you are

not well.

Gage asks: One drink, one smell, one song, one place and why. Go.

Ginger ale, clove cigarettes, “I’m a Window“, Granville Street. it reminds me of a great time i had in vancouver with all the cool bloggers up there. let the record state that none of us smoked said cigarettes, only smelled them and I thought ah so this is where that’s done.

Scott asks: With sites like twitter and facebook gaining popularity, and the increased use of apps to connect to those services via smart phones, do you feel like blog popularity is/will decline?

I think blog popularity has dipped, but I think that’s great for real bloggers because the fad has faded. I think people who are currently blogging regularly are doing it for the right reasons: because they like it. Not because of all the comments, or the chance to make money, or all the long lines of women waiting for you at the club.

Blogging started with people just wanting to be read. No one knew what it would evolve into. So I am actually very grateful to Ev Williams that once he invented Blogger he invented Twitter cuz that got all the riff raff out of this medium. :)