1. Thursday, August 2, 2012

    jlo loves fried chicken 

    and i am deeply in lust with the 2nd ammendment

    and if i have learned one thing about Americans this week

    it is that some people will stand in long lines to eat chicken for political reasons

    which is something im also in love with because im a wannabe business owner

    so last night jlo and i were sitting on the porch swing just watching the mostly full moon

    holding hands listening to the transistor radio

    looking up at the night sky playing the old game

    Shooting Star or Space Waste

    when j was all lets open up a gun store that sells that smothered chicken you like

    (she gets mad that i like to drive to South Central for baked chicken drowning in gravy)

    (jlo hates traffic)

    (she also hates side streets)

    she was all, lets call it Greasy Trigger Finger.

    i was all, i heart you jlo

    she was all, our nuggets can be shaped like hand grenades.

    and a shooting star streaked across the hollywood night.