1. Tuesday, August 28, 2012

    live blogged a panel discussion about being Muslim in America 

    fountain at the library

    the event took place at the Cerritos public library

    which is pretty much the best library ive ever been to

    from above in the library

    even the childrens library was freakin amazing

    childrens library at the library

    the panel was moderated beautifully by Ruxandra Guidi our Immigration and Emerging Communities Reporter


    it was a big panel but everyone was perfect and seemed to have enough time to talk

    i’d never liveblogged an event like that, but i loved it. heres the whole thing.

    heres some of my favorite moments

    8pm Muneer Adhami asks the audience if they remember the rap group Naughty By Nature. He says he’s Muslim by nature. “I am just like you. I just happen to be Muslim American.”

    8:41pm. A gentleman from Cerritos who says he is a Republican is talking about his friend who is a Tea Party Republican. His friend read the Koran and really got it. He thinks more people should just read it. “It is an ocean of peace and kindness and love,” he says.

    8:55pm Patricia Dunn say We can find the answers everywhere. I’m a Mets fan. I like the underdog. There’s nothing more of an underdog than being Muslim at this time.


    beautiful night.

    beautiful panel

    beautiful library.