minor miracle last night

wheels down, front page of LA Times

no not NASA’s landing of Curiosity on Mars, we all knew that could be pulled off (USA! USA!)

i’m referring to the fact that my local paper, the LA Times

despite having a normal deadline of 6pm

was able to get a story that happened at 10:30pm on the front page.

by that I mean: written, edited, laid out, including images and cutlines, with headlines, and a jump.

a few years ago the Times created an AA section for late-breaking news so that they had somewhere to put events like last night’s without compromising the prized front page of the A section.

this story, besides being a local story (JPL is in nearby Pasadena), is a huge scientific feat that last night filled Americans with more national pride than all of the Olympics combined, but also inspired people around the world to believe that the word impossible needs to be reconsidered.

it had to be on the front page of the paper the morning after.

and it was.

those who revel while ringing the death knell of print are not surprisingly silent this morning when they should be singing the praises of the hard working men and women on spring and olympic streets.

i, for one, appreciate them.

keep rockin.