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  1. Tuesday, August 28, 2012

    live blogged a panel discussion about being Muslim in America 

    fountain at the library

    the event took place at the Cerritos public library

    which is pretty much the best library ive ever been to

    from above in the library

    even the childrens library was freakin amazing

    childrens library at the library

    the panel was moderated beautifully by Ruxandra Guidi our Immigration and Emerging Communities Reporter


    it was a big panel but everyone was perfect and seemed to have enough time to talk

    i’d never liveblogged an event like that, but i loved it. heres the whole thing.

    heres some of my favorite moments

    8pm Muneer Adhami asks the audience if they remember the rap group Naughty By Nature. He says he’s Muslim by nature. “I am just like you. I just happen to be Muslim American.”

    8:41pm. A gentleman from Cerritos who says he is a Republican is talking about his friend who is a Tea Party Republican. His friend read the Koran and really got it. He thinks more people should just read it. “It is an ocean of peace and kindness and love,” he says.

    8:55pm Patricia Dunn say We can find the answers everywhere. I’m a Mets fan. I like the underdog. There’s nothing more of an underdog than being Muslim at this time.


    beautiful night.

    beautiful panel

    beautiful library.

  2. its gonna be a busy week for rock 

    those darlins with Old 98s at the El Rey fri and sat

    will the ladies be as sassy without their blonde bass player?

    currently the band is trekking across the west

    in this photo they are in White Sands New Mexico saying hi to the truest.

  3. Monday, August 27, 2012

    who doesnt like the dark stuff 

    tsar - the dark stuff

    who doesnt want the dark stuff

    who wouldnt prefer the dark stuff

    when you hear rock and roll done right

    or when you have to explain to an alien creature

    what rock music is and can be

    wouldnt you rather just say

    friend, it’s the dark stuff.




    with a hint of


    thats what ep stands for you know

    evil please.

    yes is the answer

    marvin the martian.

    yes is what that smile says

    that wicked

    beautiful smile,


  4. if you live in los angeles and you enjoy the rock music 

    tsar nerf herder

    and youre not going to the FYFest

    and youre not going to Hayley’s wedding

    and you’re not gonna see Mary Poppins at the Ahmanson

    and you’re not going to the Dodger game

    and you’re not seeing Carly Rae Jepsen at the county fair

    and you’re not seeing Those Darlins w/ the Old 97’s at the El Rey (cuz you’re seeing them Friday)

    and you’re not seeing John Williams conduct at the Hollywood Bowl

    and you’re not seeing Steve Martin play the banjo at the Pantages

    then you should bask in the glory of the comeback of rock group Tsar and our good pals Nerf Herder

    it’ll be a smidge better than Carly Rae, i swear


  5. Sunday, August 26, 2012
  6. my summer jam: the grates “secret rituals” 

    when sass was sent to australia she asked what she could bring back for me.
    which is very sweet.
    so i said two aussie wives please.
    one who made money like nicole kidman
    and one who made music like patience of the grates
    so sass brought me back the import only “Secret Rituals” cd.

    something happens to me with music.
    i’ll get something and 9 times outta 10 i’ll listen to it a few times the first week
    and i’ll forget about it and at best maybe play one of the songs a couple of times that year
    but that 10th time out of 10 i will dust it off and i will be addicted to it
    and wonder, why didnt i hear all of that beauty the first week?

    that happened to me with Nevermind, Pinkerton, and Time Out of Mind
    yawned the first dozen spins. put it in the trunk. many moons later popped it in
    and Whoa.

    dont get me wrong. im not saying this is one of the classic records of all time
    because this same phenomenon happened to me for Avril’s “Girlfriend” and LMFAO’s “Sorry for Party Rocking”
    every day i would listen to those albums several times a day.
    but this one i listen to the entire thing over and over and over

    im losing my mind and “Secret Rituals” seems to be the only cure.

    which is weird because this isnt even the Grates’ best record.
    but i cant stop playing it. i love every video. i love every tone.
    and for someone who gets bored with EVERYTHING within minutes i am so not bored with this

    more ranting and videos after the jump

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  7. Saturday, August 25, 2012

    I like it 

    korean headband dude

    I like it when people talk to me in Spanish thinking I’m one of them

    I like it when busses just idle like crazy

    I like it when people have full on routines and techniques regarding coin laundry washing that involves pre mixed formulas and broom sticks

    I like korean men in headbands

    I like that Red Sox fans and Dodger fans feel like they got the best of the blockbuster trade.

    I like little kids who have so much energy and absolutely no good plans about what to do with it.

    I like when you can read a girls mind by just watching her eyes squint a certain way.

    I like when nothing makes sense for an entire year and no one notices.

    I like long lost accents.

    I like drinking all night and waking up without a hangover. It’s like a Christmas gift from a guy named Jack Daniel and its a bottle of Jim Beam.

    I like that I’m not going to Burning Man.

    I like getting a phone call from a friend who says he spent the night in the county jail because he got drunk, climbed a fence, and got stuck dangling from said fence and while in jail watched a drunk guy barf on another drunk guy after smelling a whiff of a third drunk guy who stepped in poo right before getting thrown in jail.

    I like pretty much everything Hollywood had to offer.

    I like that even my kidney stones really dont want any part of me.

    I like that I’m done with my laundry and it’s still light out on Saturday.

    I like when she bumps the hip hop