rest in peace tony scott

even though tony scott’s “true romance” is one of my favorite films ever

tony scott’s “top gun” paid my way through junior college.

i was selling stereos tvs and vcrs back in the day when those things cost money

at the time Hi-Fi stereo vcrs were all the rage because with the right movie,

the sound would just explode all over your house.

the jet engines of Top Gun was exactly the sound that many of my male customers were seeking

(after i showed it to them)

and the pretty boys pilots were exactly what the ladies enjoyed seeing

thus it was very easy to sell $500 vcrs and matching $800 25 inch tube tvs

thanks to Tony Scott, his pastel pallet, his smoke, and that 92 db cd quality hifi sound

i cant even imagine the misery that must take over a man to make him wanna

jump off a bridge to his death.

but whoever greets him on the other side,

i hope they liked mr scott as much as i do

and lets not forget that he introduced the world to halle