1. Wednesday, August 1, 2012

    today is the busblogs birthday, its 11 

    so to celebrate here’s a random day from each year.

    ken jeanine and bonnie

    the busblog started one month before 9/11.
    one month after 9/11 our dear friends ken and laura got married in mexico
    jeanine made the rings, as she does for all of our friends,
    and i love how she’s seeing if bonnie likes ken’s

    in 2002 your boy Greg Vaine had a little art show in Frogtown
    so he invited his friends, as is common, and the friends came, because Greg rules
    and it turned out that the art show was a collection of portraits
    of all of us friends! good thing i had a sony digital camera
    with a 3.5 floppy disc as its memory card

    in 2003 there was a rock n roll wedding at occidental college when steve and heather got hitched
    mr jeff solomon dressed in a white suit with a black dressshirt and white tie officiated
    the bride walked down the aisle as mr vaine strummed Sweet Child O’ Mine on an acoustic guitar
    matt said tony kiss jeanine and karisa clicked the canon

    stay gold

    in 2004 americas first favorite writer, S.E. Hinton released a new book
    she did a book signing in Brentwood and i couldnt stop smiling
    when she said sure she’d sign any book i had

    courthouse in LA

    in 2005 someone had to go to jury duty.
    at jury duty something amazing happened
    and tia carera of the film jury duty (and others)
    was there

    xxx wtf

    in 2006 the dutch government sent the busblog to amsterdamn not to review it
    but to maybe review it. (it got reviewed)
    they flew me and 24 other bloggers out there,
    bloggers like dooce and perez hilto,
    gave us bad ass hotel rooms, free bikes, and museum passes
    i got to meet bicycle mark :)
    and JustAGirl <3 and its true, the dutch have great graffiti.

    from the middle of 2006 to the end of 2007 i had the honor of running LAist
    sadly all of my efforts, pretty much went to that one, and not this one
    it paid off though cuz i got an even better job out of it.
    this post was written right as i was starting the new gig

    suzie in iv

    in 2008 i had pretty much the best time you could have at coachella
    and i was reviewing a sports car, with the help of a canadian blogger
    i was instructed to put some miles on the car so we sped to santa barbara
    before flooring it to the desert.
    someone was also trying out the new leica.

    obama newspapers

    in january 2009 the usa elected its first black president
    people suddenly wanted newspapers like crazy

    for some reason 2010 was the last time i went to sxsw.
    theres a hole in my life without it now.

    2011 was the craziest year id had in quite a while
    coincidence that i also found myself in vegas four times that year?

    little family

    2012 wrigley field was all omg we’ve missed you. and i was all omg you know where to find me, right?