1. Wednesday, August 15, 2012

    we were watching the last half inning of the perfect game today at work 

    perfect game

    it looked like it was gonna happen, it was bottom of the ninth with one out.

    one of the new people we have at work is a guy who used to work at espn

    his name is a

    i was all, hey a, bro over heres gonna throw a perfect game

    a was all, oh you cant say that, it’ll jinx it.

    i was like, dude if i had that sorta power, the cubs would be amazing.

    (a perfect game is when no one reaches first base

    no hits, no walks, no one gets on even off an error.

    27 men come to the plate, all of them get outs.)

    felix martinez threw two straight balls in a row, i got nervous

    what if he walks him, i thought, what if i jinxed him?

    i was all, a, i bet in the booth vin scully doesnt believe in the myth

    a was like, the fact

    i finished i bet vinny just tells the people whats happening

    and he agreed.

    and soon there were two outs

    and then three.

    and i was relieved.