1. Saturday, August 11, 2012

    why didnt anyone tell me that danielle was blogging again? 

    america’s sweetheart has a job.

    she hates it.


    there are lots of people i root for. she’s in the top 10.

    of sandiegans shes in the top 1.

    why? for one reason cuz she blogs like this:

    My job consists of koolaid coworkers.
    I feel beat up.
    Like, I try to be a good person(for the most part, lets be honest, im not the bestest person on earf) and it dont matter.
    I try to not do drugs because they are not the answer but so far I am not finding answers so drugs seem pretty appealing.
    F it, I am looking for a new job–expanding my search to LA– f it, I will go back there.
    Have I mentioned I work for a christian university and I dont believe in god.
    Have I mentioned I teach a faith and learning class. Yes, it is hilarious.
    Yes, I should write more about how funny and ironic my pathetic life is but I cannot get beyond the sadness to write about it with the proper lens.

    lets hope she moves back to LA