why i retired from protesting things

the older i get the less i care about things.

my beloved cubs were in town this weekend.

i wear a cubs hat almost every day.

thanks to my mom and friends i have cubs crap all over my house and on my person.

i know everything about my lovable loser team

but i didnt go to the games. and when they lost all three of them i didnt care.

why should i? its a rich mans game where millionaires play a kids sport.

it takes far more skill than kicking a ball into a huge net, and those fans nearly kill themselves.

meanwhile protests, meh.

they wanna slow down my favorite freeway. the oldest highway in cali. if i was gonna protest anything it would be that because the xbi mobile loves to turn the swervy corners of that drive while speeding at high rates.

if i was going to protest anything it would be that, the idea that the speed limit should be lowered to 45 mph. but i wouldnt protest it. why? because i see people getting hurt there. crashes happen there every day.

most of the big protests have already happened. we all have equal rights now. we are all pretty much the same. sorrow and misery knows no bounds. it doesnt simply hit the rich, ive seen some sad poor people nowadays too.

everyone wants to belong, i guess.

except me.

i just wanna blog.