yes jessica and no jessica

Jessica asksjessica with a nice pink wig: “Do you take breaks from social media? Do you ever feel negative effects from being so ‘plugged in,’ and if so, how do you handle them?”

i am completely addicted to blogging and writing and journaling and tweeting and facebooking and foursquaring.

as i type this today my hands are tingly and sore because they never get a break from writing.


ive been writing in journals since i was in 8th grade. those are even better than this blog because those were true. all true.

even when my carpal tunnel was so bad i needed physical therapy i kept blogging. why? because no one else is going to tell my story. no one else sees the world like i do. likewise i feel a need to lead by example because no one sees the world like you do or erin or danielle or the pants or etc.

and isnt the blogosphere a sadder place minus the pants?

sure there are negative effects of always being out there. for one youre a sitting duck. its so much easier for people to just lay back in the weeds and take shots at you when youre being vulnerable and taking risks.

blogging regularly and especially keeping it real puts your job in danger, and personal relationships, and future jobs and future relationships. but f being safe. f being scared of everything.

as americans its our job to live by the tenants of land of the free and home of the brave even if we arent always brave and dont always allow ourselves to be truly free. but we should try. which is why i take my hat off to you for taking off your clothes. you too are leading by example even though it entails risks.

as humans and especially bloggers we have miles to go before we sleep and if those of us at the front of the pack dilly dally or drag our feet on the journey when things get scary then we as a group will never make it around the bend.

we need to get to the land of milk and honey. we need to finish this level of Mario. not so we can beat our chest and say look how omg awesome we are.

but so the next wave can start somewhere even better than where we started.

and i dont think we will get there via off days or weeks or months or years.

every day is a day we can be enlightened.

so dont waste a day not reaching for the stars.