tsar played the bootleg bar last night

its now 1:30pm and im just recovering.

my voice is shot from singing to both your favorite band and santa barbaras own nerf herder who headlined.

the place was packed, a miracle because the FYF fest was happening just 3 miles away.

also 3 miles away was hayley fox marring her handsome man joaquin

hayleys wedding

it was a great wedding and once the dancing began i hightailed it to historic filipino town

where so many of my friends were and it was so nice.

tsar ripped it up. theres something about a rock club FILLED with people.

two weeks ago the boys played outside in the middle of a neighborhood.

it was great but the acoustics of a rock club: you feel the bass

theres no hiding from the spirit. it gets in you, bounces off the wall

and slaps you in the back of the head.

in a sweet way.

i was blown away but recovered for a moment to capture Straight on my iphone

enjoy two minutes of what your momma dreamed youd experience one day:

(Whalen, Kern)
Band, Girls, Money
TVT Records

People try to talk, try to waste my time
Everybody tryin’ tryin’ put the weight on my mind
So I fake it till I’ll make it like i don’t understand
Got a chemical smile, I’m a mustache man.

And I’m straight!
In each and every way
People come for miles to hear me say
I’m straight!
I bend like a stick
Going out with a bang, coming in with the clique.

Cause I’m straight!!!
straight!!! x3
And I’m!

People think they straight, but they bend like a hook
(???)Super dirtied and aborted every trick in the book
Gonna give you little minute, give your bounce a mound (/???)
There’s something here to steal for everyone.

And I’m!! straight!!
And this is the style
Every Dianetic on the Miracle Mile knows I’m straight.
I say “hell yeah!”
Going through the devil, like a bat outta hell!

straight!! x4
And the whole world has to answer right now
tell you once again who’s straight!

There’s gonna come a day, maybe wont be long
flippin’ through the funny papers of who’s come and gone.
you try to find a meaning in the message i leave.
find out I’m straight, and well beyond belief

straight!! x2
straight! straight! straight! x2