after church i was still confused


so i asked the pastor, theres all these role models in the good book, which one should i mirror

we will be here when you are gone - fly

he said, good question, ask the fly, but the fly said to ask the tagger


and the tagger said im glad you came to me, but you should ask the titmouse

tit wolf

but all i could find was a tit wolf, and he said, heres the number for andy warhol, ask him

thank you x andy warhol

and andy warhol was all do you know major major from catch 22? i said yeah. he said go find kinda major.

i am kinda major

but he said i have no business giving you advice, why not ask business major

business major

and he said, be steady. your answer is inside the empty mansion

empty mansion

but the mansion said aint nothing in here for you, you’ll hafta see half face

half face

and he said go ask the constipated goat


and the goat said look at that beautiful hawk. and i said where? and he said open yr eyes fool

hawk silloutte

and there it was.


and it said can you help me with this itch? and i hesitated.

hawk message

and he said walk down the hill 100 paces and there you will find the answer


dumb hawk.