one of my summer interns is moving to London

oh god why

so we were thinking of business ideas for her, since shes only 19
and the world is her oyster.

so we decided she should make a U.S. style dental practice

we also decided that “European style” is rarely a good thing.

here were the names we thought of for such a dentistry place.

Duke of Snaggletooth!

Mind The Gap!

Give us a smile, Mum!

Yankee McYankers!

Then we ate pancakes.

screw dreams, life is hard enough to figure out

oh yeah

ali had a hard day so we went out to dinner, it was nice.

we went to breakup thai cuz we hadnt been there in a while.

the fried salad was better than ever, tangy with just enough spice.

i would have licked the bowl but we had Jungle Curry coming and it was highly recommended.

turned out they call it Jungle Curry because your mouth and then head start screaming

like wild animals in deepest darkest africa.

it was so hot you had to drown it with rice and cold water and tears.

the lady said it would give us beautiful dreams which i blew off because

the xbi has taught me how to successfully prevent dreams

but Jitlada’s jungle curry cant be bothered with such trifles.

not only was it intent on giving me dreams but it threw my black ass to bed before midnight

and begane rubbing its hands in dreamy anticipation.

the curry flooded my mind with colorful hallucinations as i dozed

but the xbi training (and poisons) fought back until the dawns early light

and then vivid and clear dreams hit and there i was in the altered state.

i woke up early and disturbed, and defeated.

we will meet again, jungle curry with delicious tiny spare rib chunks

oh yes, we will.