katie bain goes to burning man


and she seemed to enjoy it.

on her tumblr today she listed some of what she remembered

Approximate Number of Bottles of Coconut Water Drank: 15

Approximate Number of Amps Danced On Top of at Fractal Nation: 3

Approximate Number of Times Some Rando Creeper Told He ‘Loved My Energy’ While Rubbing My Hand: 15, at least

Approximate Number of Drunk/Naked Journalists in the Media Tent: 20

Approximate Number of Times a Man Old Enough to Be my Grandfather Asked If I Wanted to Take Acid and Roam the Playa: 2 (same old guy both times)

Approximate Number of Times Caught in a White Out Storm After Midnight: 1 intense time

Approximate Number of Times a Perfect Stranger Wiped Snot Off My Face and Held Me While I Broke Down Weeping at the Temple: 1

many more interesting numbers here



hey its a guy who sounds just like kurdt cobain

and sorta looks like him. Spin has the deets:

The Russian busker, Nikolay Petrovsky, didn’t surface out of nowhere, of course. Russia’s Life News reported in December 2010 that Petrovksy lives in Novosibirsk, Siberia, is a self-taught musician, and doesn’t even speak English. Trained as a sailor, he reportedly doesn’t drink, smoke, or take drugs and has been singing in his hometown’s subway since at least 2004.

read the rest and see another vid of the grungy commie here.

bravo, krista!

sarah, krista and ali just a year ago krista and i were lounging poolside at the swanky Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd. trying to figure out what we were gonna do next now that we were no longer at the LA Times.

i had some leads, she had some leads, but most importantly we had drinks :)

last night there we were again poolside at the Roosevelt except one major difference was she was celebrating the fact that she was on tv once a week on one of the biggest shows, Top Chef Masters, where she is the lovable and insightful young judge.

bravo, i believe threw the bash (in the same bungalow where i interviewed Bruce Willis) and delicious drinks flowed and some of the most appetizing sliders made their way into our bellies.

my our i mean sarah, ali, myself and several dozen journalists and fans of the show.

there was even a guy cutting delicious slices of steak. no garnish, no bread, just steak with pepper.

it was amazing.

servers came around with cale salad (pass), breaded jumbo shrimp (thank you), and later devine bits of chocolate, but the best part was hearing the cheers of the crowd any time krista appeared on many of the tvs on the walls.

krista was one of the hardest working people at the Times. she basically ran Brand X with just two others – a feat that was accomplished with a dozen hard working journalists a year prior. and shes so damn smart and sweet that it is even more delightful to see her ship come in.

her brother and dad were also in attendance, also. beaming. her dad passing out Sees candies warning people that they’re aphrodisiacs.

way ahead of you, mr. simmons: we already love your daughter.