todays mary’s birthday, shes 24

marys birthday

the painfully shy mary nolastname and i have a rare thing in common:

we both hired karisa to work for our companies.

me for a dot com back in the day,

and mary for the corporate interior design firm theyve been with for the last decade


mary likes raw scallops with lemon and hit n run sea salt sprinkles

yellow tail chile pepper

she also likes spicy yellowtail with truffle oil, sake, beer, and toro cut salmon cuts

but shes so shy you have to read her mind.

or you can txt her.

karisa and mary in jail

mary spent some time in the joint.

but she was so quiet, she just walked out one day

and no one noticed.

what she fails to project audibly, she makes up in energy

and the unique ability to pull off exactly what she wants

after a few drinks the other night she said the funniest thing

“i never want to be east of Lincoln”

which is the street that’s a half mile east of the pacific ocean

and we laughed, mostly, because we knew she’d get it.

happy birthday mary, catch ya at the beach!