its friday, which means ask tony. today’s comes from steve

nothing beats a good spit

who asks,

a taxi was turning on a yellow, and a person goes running across the street without looking and the taxi swerved not to hit the person and almost crashed into a bank and for 5 years there has been a man with one leg begging in front of the bank and the taxi stopped maybe 2 feet DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the guy with one leg.

close call.

did god intervene? is that what he does?

or does he just concentrate on making the delicious cuban food i just ate for lunch?

please tell.

great question!

even though there is Divine Intervention, the Lord prefers Free Will.

He doesnt care if we live 1 year or .5 years or 105 years – theres so many of us, and life on Earth is so fleeting, He really sees all of this as a blink in His eye anyways in the grand scheme of things, so no He’s not running around stopping busses from hitting homeless beggars.

however the Angels do like to meddle. the best parts of the Old Testament are all the ways the angels act as go-betweens between God and Man.

the problem is Man was basically meh to not just the angels, but also when God walked with us.

so eventually even the angels mellowed out on intervening with us.

my guess is the angels didn’t stop the bus.

my guess is the beggar is an angel.

dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnn.

tony, have you seen the new Mika video?

mika should really bother me but he doesnt. in fact i like him.

and his new video, the title track of his forthcoming album “origin of love”

is pretty damn good.

it reminded me of that small window of youth where most parties ended up in makeout sessions.

whatever happened to that?

the kids in the video seem a little too long in the tooth to be up to those shenanigans

but its shot in europe or spain or somewhere else so maybe they still do that there whatevs

oh whats this:

Mika says: “This latest short film is a collaboration with the Chilean director Cristian Jimenez. After seeing his film Bonsai, this seemed like an exciting match. I wanted to take the kaleidoscopic dreaminess of the song and pair it up with Cristian’s more realistic, surreal and moving imagery. When making these films, I give complete freedom to the director we are collaborating with, in a way that is never possible with a music video. This short film was made in Santiago with Cristian’s close team and friends, and with a lot of love. I hope that watching someone else’s visual reaction to the song is as surprising and moving for you as it was for me.”

so yeah, spain.



ive had to teach a bunch of summer interns this summer, a recap

aspire for emptiness, that way if someone on the phone or in the field is rude to you, it’ll go through you

write several times a day

use all the tools: writing, photography, social media, audio, and video

if someone isnt getting deep with you, put your hand on their heart and ask the question again

forget what other reporters are doing, earning, covering, being praised for, etc., only do you

collect, save, and then file your receipts

save constantly if you dont write your drafts in gmail

write simply. like hemingway. with short twitter-like sentences.

know that deep down everyone wants to tell you the juicy bits, and everyone else wants to read it

nothing is off the record unless they promise to give you something even better on the record right now

they know youre a reporter, keep asking questions and writing down their answers, and taking pictures…

its ok if you really just wanna be a baker, this job isnt for everyone.

blogging is a platform, not a style. there is opinion in newspapers, theres straight news in blogs, the two are not mutually exclusive no matter what you heard before you met me.

haters hating only means one thing: your masterpiece was read. rejoice.

subscribe to the newspaper. you dont have to read it, but at least look at every page every’ll end up reading way more than you expected.

its not your job to be walter conkrite. he may have sucked at blogging. your world is different. tell us how.

sleep on the weekends. tonight, write.