saw the hives last night at the wiltern

Hives at the Wiltern

ali got the tickets so i got the dinner and drinks.

malo is amazing. its the only place i know in LA that’ll set you back a benjamin for tacos.

theyre good, but the margaritas are better. thats what gets you.

ali had this one that had cucumber in it. she made noises ive only heard on cinemax.

we each had two. we did shots for the walk over.

fortunately malo is close to the red line and the transfer to the purple line was instantaneous.

got to hear a little from fiddlr who opened.

ali found a perfect spot on the dancefloor and the hives ripped it up.

like seriously. like omg. like so fun. like omfg.

they had this dude dressed as a ninja as their equipment guy.

he untangled mic cords. picked up mic stands. even played the tambourine.

took a cab home. fell asleep without knowing i had drunkenly left the front door wide open.

woke up with the glendale bear taking a bath in my tub.

good thing i had just gotten a new bottle of mr. bubble.