happy birthday mom part 2

i first met my mother in a terrible dream where this white man was messing with my fro and wouldnt let go.

i was all fool imma mess you up but i could barely move because it was a dream.

then he slapped me and called me boy and i was all

i know you called me Roy.

and then my mom took me away from him and kissed me and hugged me and i never saw that dude again.

and i woke up.

and she hugged me and kissed me and has been my number one protector from all things bad and terrible ever since.

the other day she heard me on the radio and said, lets see if can quote her accurately

“you are a lot smarter than i give you credit for!!”

best compliment ever.

but erryone knows my moms the smartest person they know, she invented computer programming pretty much. and sixties animal print fashion stylez. and my favorite dish, the Salty Grit Sandwich.

which is two eggs on white bread, smothered with grits with butter, bacon, bacon grease, and salt.

she raised two kids on her own with one hand tied behind her back and basically laid down the foundation for the www

and always had her hair did perfect.

thats why for her birthday when i saw the obamas got her stuff i got her some peach lotion (cuz she from georgia), Louie season one (because she raised a crazy son), and downton abbey because she likes The Stones and Led Zep.

let me quote her again “how did you know I have a difficult time finding peach lotion? xbi? Thanks bunches. Also I was going to start watching Dowton Abby. Haven’t heard of Louie but I’m sure it is good also.”

awwwwww happy birthday!