1. Saturday, September 29, 2012

    carmageddon 2: back in the habit 

    people like to take pics in LA.
    and by law you must be in your car at all times here.
    thus we do our drivebys in a car
    we smooch and wrestle in our cars
    we read the constitution in our cars.
    and of course we take pics of LA from our cars.

    a ten mile stretch of one of our many freeways was closed today
    and it will be closed tomorrow.
    we call this Carmageddon 2 because omg the val and the wesside

    los angelenos know when to stay off the roads for the most part.
    mark twain wrote about life on the mississip
    and how the steamboat pilots learned how to tell by the river
    if there was danger in the shallow or if it was a smooth channel to sail.

    people are just not taking their cars on the road this weekend
    which has made the roads beautiful.
    and has allowed many of the locals great opportunities to snap pics
    from their cars.