today is bruce springsteens 65th birthday, hes 24

first time i heard bruce springsteen i was all whatever

and then they put point blank on and i was all omg

and these were the days before people said omg

so i turned it up.

they were playing the river all the way through for some reason.

maybe it was sunday.

people say i dont listen to the radio, oh let me tell you something

i listen to the radio.

anyways point blank came on and then drive all night at some point

now i know what youd say, that we currently live in the golden age of radio

where every station has something amazing and fantastic and ground breaking

but back then it wasnt like that at all.

these were the days when there was only 4 channels on tv.

youd think radio would be amazing, but no. which is one reason mtv blew doors

and radio copied it like cray cray

which doesnt mean it improved it.

for if you recall, mtv embraced dancing in the dark way more than no surrender

it preferred glory days over even the live version of born in the usa.

mtv wanted that dumb red bandana on bruces head

they wanted one on clarence too.

bruce didnt know what to do about it so he played around and did what they said

and the only time it was any good was on im on fire.

but seriously how do you screw up hey little baby is yr daddy home

did he go and leave you

all alone

i got a bad desire

happy sixty fifth birthday,

bruce springsteen

amazing singer, guitarist, songwriter

and right up there with prince

as the greatest performer in rock.



dear tony, what should i do?

garden of tears

Dear Tony,

Long time reader, first time emailer.

A friend of mine has photos of our mutual friend’s boyfriend cheating on her (follow?) I don’t want to tell her because it will be a mess and I don’t want to be involved. But I would want to know. Wouldn’t you?

Between A Rock and a Hard Place

dear rock,

here are some sayings you should consider:

1. no one likes a stool pigeon
2. no one likes a tattletale
3. those who know dont talk, and those who talk don’t know
4. looks can be deceiving
5. women always know
6. thou shall not bear false witness against yr neighbor

i’m sure you are a very good friend, but theres a reason even cops don’t interfere in domestic cases
unless there is actual violence going down.

id stay as far away from it as possible because you might think you’re defusing a bomb

but you might actually get the red and the green wires crossed and everything blows up including you.

id suggest chilling out because if even you know of the infidelity then bro’s probably being sloppy

perhaps, psychologically, intentionally and wants to be caught

and as the clash say, do you really wanna be a cop?

choose other career opportunities and be a good friend when the time comes when she needs a shoulder to cry on.

plus, those pics could have been photoshopped.