eric gagne outs 80% of his old team, allegedly

canada reared its beautiful head into baseball news today when cy young winner

eric gagne from pots and pans protest montreal quebec told espn

that 80 percent of his teammates out here in LA were taking illegal performance enhancing drugs.

this from a man who himself admitted to taking illegal substances in order to compete.

when the news came out several bloggers emailed me asking that i wouldnt squeal on them.

human growth hormones of course are part of the blogosphere

what with repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel, and writers block,

it isnt easy to maintain a prolific and profitable life as a blogger.

thus drugs are tempting.

and im not saying i *couldnt* name names but theres a brotherhood among bloggers

far as i remembered, but i wouldnt name names.

not even for a book

not even to clear my conscious.

my demons and skeletons are mines.

what you do in front of your laptop is between you

and yr webcam.

now take on the day.

they say they want the wolf

the wolf

but they lie.

or maybe it’s wishful drinking.

they say they want the swan

but they know how dull that is.

swirling and twirling and

dancing and laughing

then crying and whining and yawning

and tossing.

the wolf knows better than to play with its food

the swan knows better than to venture the lawn

as the fog curls over the pond

and the crickets and frogs

hold their breath

till the dawn

a nice Canadian lad and I did Hollywood


someone gave us tickets to see a criminal play


and we were all, nah we’d rather have a drink at the classiest and oldest bar in hollywood


then we ate some pho


then we saw the end of a car chase


then we chatted it up with a bacon wrapped hotdog dude who was smoking some herb


then bro goes hey wheres the Rush star on the walk of fame? i wanna eat it.

the end!