dude teaches his 60 yr old mom the gangham style dance

i love her perfectly clean house.

what ive learned about being perfectly clean is this:

youre better off having zero stuff.

me, i have stuff, i like stuff, the stuff i have i went out to get

and then i brought it home and then i put it where it is

over the years ive gotten more stuff and some of it doesnt stack as nice as others

and that leads to people calling me a hoarder.

no, im just not a buyer and then thrower awayer.

for example books. i enjoy having the books in my house, not at someone elses

or in a library.

all the cds ive had over the years, baseball cards, documents

photos of travels and loves and adventures.

i like getting autographs on baseballs. so i have baseballs.

but omg do i love magazines.

its crazy after all these years in journalism ive never worked at a magazine

but maybe not because i like reading the magazines

and then cutting out the pictures and putting them on my walls.

or i like writing poems around the models or in the blank spaces.

or i like stacking them in the can so i have something to read

other than the days newspaper.

i like tshirts, theyre in the house. as are my white socks.

theyre here forever yo!

the only thing that doesnt stay forever here are girlfriends.

toldja i wasnt a hoarder.

hey, heres a video of a local group of lifeguards who lost their jobs

because they made this video in the pool that they protect