Geoff Boucher confirms he’s leaving the L.A. Times

Geoff Boucher, Suzie Reynolds, Chris Lee – Coachella 2008

While many were watching the Raiders on Monday Night Football,

Hero Complex superstar and veteran Times journalist tweeted this sad message

Howard Stern’s stylist Ralph Cirella then asked

and then Boucher tweeted the tweet heard across the galaxy

there is a disturbance in the Force,

rock with caution.

[Update, Tuesday: Geoff writes: Thanks everyone for your thoughts and words and sentiments. It is very strange and sad to leave the paper after 21 years but it is completely my choice. I’m going to gamble and bet on myself and what I’ve learned over these past few years with the Hero Complex success. As a friend of mine in Metropolis says, you can’t fly until you take a leap…]