my mom woke me up on the original 9/11

left handed hurlers“america is under attack!” she said.

“turn on your tv!” she insisted.

“and stay away from any FBI buildings!”

ive never been the most obedient son, so i said ok, hung up, and went to sleep for another minute.

then it dawned on me that despite the fact that she would often call me about something that alarmed her via an email forward,

that if this issue was on tv

my beloved tv,

that maybe it was worth investigating.

i stumbled into the living room and turned on my tv and within seconds i saw the second plane hit.

i turned on howard stern who was broadcasting that morning live in new york. he wanted vengeance.

immediately everyone knew who was behind it. and everyone was saying we had to take him out.

back then the busblog was only a month old, and it was mostly about me taking the bus

i worked at E! and when i got there it was obvious that this wouldnt be business as usual.

they told us they would probably let us go home to be with our families.

but that if we didnt have any family to go home to, it would be cool if we stuck around till lunch.

so i blogged from my desk as i watched cnn.

9/11 really sparked blogging because so many of us had seen so much yet knew so little.

so we had to piece together what we knew. and figure out what to make of it.

in college most of the hippies i hung out with were super against the first iraq war

and i didnt want innocent afghanis to be killed by our retaliation.

so when i got home that afternoon i put together an old school busblog photoessay that was angry

and a day later i made a more somber one called dear kids of afghanistan,

because with george w bush in office… well, i feared they were in trouble.

because the blogosphere was young and there were only about a million blogs (there are 200 million now),

that photo essay got millions of clicks, my email in box exploded

and this blog was suddenly on the map – in the saddest way possible.

11 years later i still want the same thing.

i want kids to be safe, i want politicians to be diplomats,

and i want many of the same hippie ideals that my college friends somehow naturally knew.

even though obama still has gitmo, and we’re still in afghanistan,

for some reason the idea of terrorism, as it relates to america, seems to have dialed down with the death of OBL

but i hope our collective desire to figure out what happened

using all the little bits we do know

never dies.

and i hope we never stop listening to our moms.