1. Friday, September 21, 2012

    one of your friends made a bet with me yesterday 

    i was drinking so i dont remember what the wager was

    but the stake was $2,000.

    is $2,000?

    i wish i could remember what it was, but i refused to shake her hand.

    we did agree that nicki minaj will make a better judge at the talent show

    than brittany spears,

    that the new Tsar EP is surprisingly subtle and delightful,

    and that i look amazing in a beard.

    on the other side of the restaurant a loud group of twelve people

    buying bottle after bottle of supra expensive sake

    racked up a bill of over four thousand dollars.

    the waiter gave the dude who laid down the corporate card a tshirt.

    hell i woulda given him


    tshirts. but thats me, mr. vegas.

    speaking of vegas, when we going back there?