nothing in here is true

  1. Wednesday, October 31, 2012
  2. loved Argo, gonna see something else tonight 

    mednez and jimmy carter

    i have a new job.

    same company, different role.

    i get in at 6am, which means im free to go at 2:30pm

    which means i can hit up bargain matinees after work. or hike. or do laundry.

    of course it also means i cant really party heartily late at night

    or watch the daily show (because it comes on at 11pm for some reason on my tv)

    and it means a lot of the things i used to do in the morning i cant do

    because 5am doesnt afford itself much bonus time when your first meeting is pretty much at 6.

    so yesterday i got home, changed clothes, and walked over to the movies

    and was thoroughly entertained with dumb ben affleck’s movie argo.

    yes he shouldnt have starred himself in the role in which he poorly directed himself

    but i guess when you’re a good enough director to get a film like that made

    then whatevs, no one else, for some reason, is doing it, so go bro.

    theres a lot of movies i havent seen in the last year because of one thing or another.

    so i may make a little routine out of this: head home, change, see the bargain

    walk over to the grocery store, make food,

    get to bed early.

    stay outta trouble.

  3. Tuesday, October 30, 2012
  4. Monday, October 29, 2012

    shout out to my friends back east 


    my favorite kid ever:

    coors light?

    first there was a shirtless man jogging in a horse head

    which of course inspired this rollerblading unicorn

    speaking of animals, they’re so lucky they don’t have a doggy door:

    im hoping my mom doesn’t believe this picture is true cuz no way is that boat that small in real life:

    this one though, super real:

    this panda doesn’t seem to be worried about flying through the storm. dumb panda.

    karisa said you have to protect your house. this guy was all, cool, now im out!

    safe house

    im glad people have their mixes figured out:

    im glad people are still taking great photos

    just everyone watch out for the tiny but surprisingly deep puddles:

    stay strong east coast

    you can make fun of us when the big earthquake hits

  5. Sunday, October 28, 2012

    so yeah Tsar played an Elementary School saturday morning 

    was only a buck to get in

    it only cost a buck

    Abraham Solomon

    abraham solomon was there

    kids love Tsar, little known fact

    kids love Tsar, little known fact

    kids love Tsar, little known fact

    even very little ones

    but they kept their distance

    i tried to tell the children that there was nothing to fear from the dual guitar attack,
    if anything you should embrace it, but as the replacements song says kids wont listen

    eventually more kids and parents came and hid beneath the shade section

    even some of the older fans hid in another shade section

    Jeff Tsar said mid-song “hey we want a shade section!”

    kings of the school

    but even in the shade two of the little girls weren’t happy with the new tune “Police Station”,

    tsar school

    later they screamed for “Little Women”.

    and Jeff was all, if you can spell it, we’ll play it. which isn’t real fair when heckling 4 yr old fans

    i forgot to get a tshirt

    coulter’s bass drum had one on, i was hella jeals


    eventually the kids came back when Jeff asked if anyone wanted to be in their first slam pit,

    but the principal said no pits, so Tsar said ADIOS PUMPKIN FESTIVAL!

    and they left the stage

    the end!

  6. xbi poisoned me for halloween but i was still able to take pics 

    at Halloween

    karisa love was the dj of the night

    Mermaid AJ

    mermaid AJ sadly has to swim back to nyc this week :(

    chris was dave navarro which was apropos  as we were headed to the Jane’s Addiction show at the wiltern


    me, i was the Obey Giant, but even here you can see that their evil poison was taking effect

    so lets just say someone had to take a few-hour time out and after that all was kool and the gang

    karisa and chris at halloween

    hooray LA!

    and happy halloweeeeeen!