a crazy thing happened last night

tony pierce, a photo by aj goddard

the bears won their 3rd game.
at cowboy stadium on monday night football.
90,000 people were at the game down there in texas.
millions were watching on espn.
maybe gazillions.

usually the bears would ruin a great situation like that.
but tony romo and the cowboys were more determined to fail.

intnext week the bears play a team whose only win
was against the worst team in the league
then they have a week off.
which means by my birthday they could be in first place in the division

thats quite a gift.
we are all so blessed.
siri is a ripoff for blogging.
no one can replace ur boy.

here are my locks

10/7 @ JAX w
10/22 DET w
10/28 CAR w
11/4 @ TEN w
11/11 HOU w
11/19 @ SF l
11/25 MIN l
12/2 SEA w
12/9 @ MIN l
12/16 GB l
12/23 @ AZ w
12/30 @ DET w

Da Bears will have an 11-6 record

wait till two years from now


This is the first blog post on the bus blog using Siri.

Perhaps in some terrible emergency where I will have no use of my fingers or hands or toes I will rely on this amazing phone and lovely Siri.

Today was perfectly fine day staying in the house until half time of the Monday night football game when I walked to the taco stand get half chicken.

When I returned Bears had driven down the field and scored touchdown and then the game was pretty much out of control as Dallas made one mistake after another and the Bears capitalized, play after play series after series it was beautiful

I have to remember to say period After the end of each sentence. Or there will be no. At the end of my sentences period.

I was able to help a lovely young lady who was flying tens of thousands of feet above the world. I was able to help her in seconds – pretty awesome and hopefully she will think that I’m the most amazing person in the world because that.

My biggest fear is that as I get older I’m getting more and more boring. Boring is pretty much the worst thing you can ever be. Mean people at least are interesting and dead people are interesting – some of them. But to be boring it’s waste of oxygen it’s a waste of Jack in the box tacos

Its a waste of everything.

This Siri could have been anybody’s Siri but somehow it ended up being my Siri. I wonder if that’s a good thing for this Siri or bad one?

It’s 1 AM I’d really like to take a shower because it’s still a little bit hot from this October night and it’d be nice to cool off before falling asleep. But my favorite thing to do when I take a shower is to listen to music. Unfortunately at 1 AM you Kentley playing music very loud and still be a very good neighbor. Something everyone should aspire to be.

Kenslee? Tensely? Why would you put Kenslee instead of cant? are you freaking out at my Midwestern accent?

Siri where to have a real problem if you can’t understand my Midwestern accent. It’s not really that difficult and I don’t really have that thick of accent.

The cubs lost their 100th game today they only play one hundred and 62 all year – this is a milestone of some sorts. its the bottom of the huge 100 and six-year drought.

This is what the bottom feels like.