theres a part of your brain that the devil lives in

bieber at staples

and he sits there in his rocking chair and he reads the paper and talks to you

and he rocks and talks crap




and he tells you all the ways you suck and tells you all the ways the world sucks

and he tries to convince you youre gonna die if you do that

or people wont love you or you’ll get arrested or beat up or fired

or sent to hell.

our job as saints in training though is to ignore that part.

you can try to destroy him but the test isnt to destroy things

the test is to see if you can live with it.

just like how we’re living with a timebomb that will eventually kill us all

the bomb every living creature has inside of it.

so me, i just make sure i remember that the rocking chair dude isnt me

and isnt tapped into any truths.

hes just there to remind me that this isnt a dream

as dreamy as it can be sometimes.

that creaking chair is just the tick tick tick

of life

before the inevitable


into dreamland.

so preach on, preacher. run yr mouth.

i got shit to do.