xbi was all why were you over there

LA i was all where

they were like there

i was dude

they were all answer the question

i was like make me

which is a silly thing to say to someone who has control of the chip in yr head.

but i get silly when people who arent even supposed to be talking to me

are totally trying to boss me around

suddenly i had an overwhelming desire for chocolate

why were you over there they asked again

there was a knock on my door.

i dont even know what place yr talking about

yes you do

another knock at the door, candyman, a voice said.

please hold, i said and put the xbi on hold.

and suddenly the desire for chocolate overwhelmed me

this must be a new thing theyve got going, i thought

but stayed put in the bedroom

candy {knock} MAN! {knock knock knock}

a now-angry voice demanded at the front door.

theres never enough training.

no one ever gets to practice enough.

which is why a front yard sprinkler system

that can be rigged to spray the front door

and an electrified welcome mat

that can be turned on from the bed

have a way of evening things up at times.

two nights this week i didnt fall asleep till five

palm reader was all youre a hunter

you werent meant sleep in the night

you werent meant to sleep alone

you werent meant to be alone

there was a time that i couldnt stand being alone

but you, dear internet,

made it so we’re never alone

you shrunk this big blue ball down to a dot

even apple maps doesnt know if this is LA or manilla

if im busblog or j dilla

gypsy lady says yr all things and

no things

but sleep sweet prince


we’ll be here in the morning

i am the luckiest man alive

moi, norwood, angelo, maria, and the director of the doc at kpcc

the panel went amazingly

so smoothly, so funny, also deep somehow

and tender, and frank, and this little kid at the end got the mic

and said i play trumpet and guitar, so thank you Fishbone for inspiring us all.

it almost made me feel bad for saying fuck.

im on top of the world right now

and i love the entire world.