10 best quotes from todays Paul Westerberg interview

1. Misdirection is my path. How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him lost? I’m there, baby.

2. I write this stuff, it comes out, I have a nervous breakdown, and then a year later, I don’t know how I did it.

3. Q. At this point, what do you like about writing a song on piano, rather than guitar? A. The piano makes a better ashtray than the guitar.

4. Q. So [the new covers project,] it’ll be released as a Replacements record? A. Yeah, I reckon it would be suitable to use the R word, seeing as it would probably garner a little more coin than if it was just the Tom and Paul Experience.

5. Q. People describe you as a recluse. Do you feel like one? A. Like a wreck-loose? No, I don’t.

6 I have a hard time living in the world. I’m a musician. When I’m around guys like me, I feel perfectly fine. When I’m around people who ask, “When are you gonna play again?” I feel uncomfortable.

7. Q. Are you immune to large offers of money for a Replacements tour? A. No, I’m not. I’ve had offers to play with them, or without them, that are becoming stupidly ridiculous, to the point where someone thinks I’m playing hard to get. And it’s not like I’m wealthy. I’m getting by.

8. I guess I spent as much time trying to be un-famous as I did trying to be famous. I’d hate to start it all up again. And be crap at it! I’m probably just a gardener who’s sick of the dirt.

9. I’ve changed my clothes eight times already today, so there’s OCD to deal with.

10. When I stopped breaking guitars, that was my downfall. I’ve got 25 of these damn things laying around the house, and nothing ever gets done. I need someone to steal all of them except one. You wanna break in to my house? Just leave the brown one.

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