8 year old girl meets obama, cries

Janiya Penny is fighting sickle cell anemia.

the Make A Wish foundation a few years ago said they’d hook her up with anything

she said she was President Obama’s biggest fan

and the only reason he won was because she wore her lucky Obama shirt

on election day in ’08.

Make a Wish was all, hmmmm not sure we can get you an audience with the President

do you have any other wishes?

she said no.

in august she got to meet her hero.

i need to work for make a wish.

imagine having to wait that long?

not everyone has a few years.

i cant wait to vote

speaking of porn, on the same november ballot deciding the president of the united states,

is a measure, here in LA county, about whether or not male porn stars

should be required to wear condoms.

if the measure passes most people fear that the porn industry will move to vegas

and the county and state will lose hundreds of millions in tax revenue.

the No on B people even put out this video staring two porn legends:

it’ll be interesting to see what happens in this race

one perhaps, telling metric is that the video above has only been viewed 16,000 times.

in a county of millions of people youd think it could get more eyeballs.

but maybe this proves the No on B point:

no one wants to see porn stars unless theyre totally naked

bree and i figured out the best way to give people uncomfortable messages


ok, say you wanna tell someone youre just not into them any more

or that you cant go to their party

or that you made out with their sister

or that you dont want them to be in your band any more:

you send them a really beautiful but omg so nswf email

and underneath the photo it says “sorry romeo, bree isn’t into it. but the good news, heres some porn.”

once it takes off dudes can just see each other in the hallway at work and be all

why so glum, chad?

and bro will go, dude i got some porn just now.

and his buddy will understand immediately and be like, im so sorry, lets have beers after work.

you’re welcome.

hey tony, where do you get Barbasol?

barbasol cans

longtime reader RobW noticed a nice fat can of Barbasol on my sink and asked where i got it. “they don’t have it here on the East Coast, except for the menthol version,” he wrote.

here on the west coast the 99 cent store is a fun place to get weird items that go for double or triple the price elsewhere.

some 99 cent stores are fake. they’re “99 cent and up”, so dont fall in love with that plunger, it might be $5.

but at 99 cent only stores, everythings a buck or less.

puppy calendars, duct tape, hand sanitizer, everythings a buck.

i like to get fresh salsa, bananas, potatoes, draino, liquid hand soap, plastic flower pots, and yes, shaving cream there

how do they do it??? well heres one way…

old and new barbasol

for quite a while a man could get an 8 ounce fat can of Barbasol

it seemed to be made just for stores like 99 cent stores

or dollar sections of grocery stores or something

but now its taller, making you think you’re getting more shaving cream

but the jokes on you, the new can only holds 7 ounces.

same low 99 cent price though

so whatevs.