tony, would you have ads on the busblog again?

guessthere was a time when this blog was a gazillion times more popular than it is today

and in those days i’d have 3-4 ads on the left rail.

when i went over to the LA Times i stopped accepting ads because i didnt want people to think that the Times wasn’t paying me enough, and that i had to supplement my income with ads.

it was a respect thing.

the crazy thing is, no one ever says “oh your employer must be cheap, and thats why you’re putting ads on your lovely blawwwg.”

no one.

also, i dont think that having ads ruins your blog. i also dont think it makes your blog look ugly.

i think theres ways ads and good blogging can coexist.

and i think theres a market for intelligent marketing out there.

im just not sure we are in that era just yet.

i do like when i jump from site to site and the cookie remembers that i like

– the hard rock hotel in vegas

– good concerts in hollywood

– the ongoing struggle to feed the hungry around the world.

i think its smart when those ads pop up on sites that i click

as clearly those are ads being fed from information that sits in my personal computer

for you it would be different ads.

if the busblog had ads going forward, i would lean towards those because they would make my readers happier as they read my blog because they would see things that they related to.

in the meantime i think i will continue to lay off of the commercialization of this thing

i just think it looks nicer.