happy 40th birthday Eminem

i know, i can’t believe Shady’s that old either


first time i ever saw him was at the Forum

it was the first time karisa and i ever hung out.

she nearly died that night. long story.

Em was fantastic. angry. bitter. perfect.

happy birthday to who could arguably be the most successful rapper in history.

who’d a guessed a white guy could do that?

This makes me sad


Statement from WGN-TV and Bob Brenly

October 17, 2012

Cubs analyst Bob Brenly has informed WGN-TV he will not return to the team’s broadcast booth in 2013, and instead will seek another baseball broadcasting position.

Bob Brenly/Broadcaster:

“Working here in Chicago was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my professional career.

The Ricketts family, everyone associated with the Cubs and WGN and, most importantly, Cubs’ fans everywhere, will always be in our hearts, and Joan and I wish nothing but the best for the organization moving forward.

I was very blessed to have the best play-by-play man in the game as my partner for eight years and Cubs’ fans are very fortunate to have Len Kasper as the voice of the Cubs. I’ll miss working with him and we look fondly toward returning to Chicago in the future.”

Steve Farber, Acting General Manager for WGN-TV and VP/Programming Operations for Tribune Broadcasting:

“We wish Bob well in his next broadcasting position and thank him for his years of outstanding work on Cubs games on WGN-TV.”

North of no west


I took the train to work today. I think I’m going to make a habit of it. My work pays for public transportation. Which is a nice thing, because I can read one hour in and one hour out.

Today I am reading Henry Charles Bukowski The finest poet of 20th-century. He does everything right it’s hard to compete and impossible to compete so you may as well just enjoy.

Last night I had a delicious dinner with a beautiful girl. I think Charles would have appreciated it.

When I dropped her off instantly two very suspicious men walked near her and made me fear for every woman out there.

Good thing there’s guns.