surprise bday dinner? Ok


after spending Monday with the xbi in the desert of blah blah blah,
lovely Ali asked if I’d like to dine with her at my favorite hangzone
I was all sure ynot.

so we were doing sake bombs and enjoying the Japanese salmon when look who showed up?


omg it’s Jeanine and Karisa! How sweet!

me with 3 beautiful women? What could be better than that?


Of course.

my maid made me a cute little bday cake

birthday cakemy mom doesnt like taylor swift.

who knew?

like not even in a meh way,

but in a she gets angry if you bring it up way

taylor swift?

taylor swift!

my maid cleaned my house and made me soup

vegetable soup with huge chicken chunks.

very few people know you as well as your maid

for example she knows there i have no fresh vegetables in this house

nor has there been any in the 9 years she’s been cleaning my pad

fortunately she didnt overlook the fact

that i

love cake